Why Bonaire Home Heating

If you are considering home heating options in NZ, then we would like to recommend the Bonaire gas ducted central heating system.

With the ability to heat your whole house in just ten minutes, and control the temperature in four zones independently, Bonaire is a cost-effective, energy efficient home heating option with many key benefits

  • Instant heat to your whole house
  • No unsightly wall fixtures
  • Total temperature control 24 hours a day
  • Zoned heating options for individual comfort and lower running costs
  • Circulates air to produce cleaner, healthier air
  • Greatly reduced condensation
  • Fresh air ventilation and cooling options
  • Star energy efficient models available

We would be happy to advise if and why a ducted system is right for your home, and if so, why you should install a Bonaire system.

Firstly, our credentials

Bonaire is an established gas ducted heating brand which has been warming NZ homes efficiently for over 60 years – a measure of the quality of our product.

The Bonaire systems are designed and manufactured by Climate Technologies, Australia’s largest manufacturer of heating and cooling appliances. Bonaire is distributed exclusively in NZ by Heating and Cooling NZ, who are, themselves hugely experienced in home heating.

With over 30 years’ experience in distributing home heating products and Bonaire product since 2001, and a well-established network of installers and service agents, NZ customers can rely on receiving reliable and high quality service.

Secondly, why Bonaire

We love checklists, so here are 10 reasons why you should consider a Bonaire ducted system:

Wireless remote controllers – unique to Bonaire

Only Bonaire offers the convenience of a wireless radio frequency remote control, so you can operate your ducted heating from the comfort of your couch!

Exclusive Zone feature with MB4 and MB5 units allowing up to 8 different zones

Bonaire 4 and 5 star units offer exclusive features including modulating gas valve, modulating room air fan with the ability to install up to 4 zones (with the option to add an additional 4). All models feature a unique multi-tube heat exchanger which maximises heat transfer.

Full Warranty protection supported by a comprehensive local service network

  • Relax knowing you’re covered by Bonaire’s comprehensive warranties
  • 5 years parts and labour warranty on all MB4 and MB5 units
  • 3 years parts and labour warranty on all MB3 units

A wide range to choose from in terms of gas type, unit size, efficiency rating and internal or external units

Using New Zealand’s plentiful gas resources, you have three models to choose from. The compact new “M” series is available in 3, 4 and 5 star systems, ranging from 14kW to 30kW output, to match any home and budget.

The star rating is a guide to the unit’s energy efficiency. The AGA(Australian Gas Association) rating label is a New Zealand approved standard for evaluating the energy efficiency of a gas appliance. The more stars, the more energy efficient the unit.

All Bonaire units are designed to fit either in your roof-space, under-floor or on an external wall. Internal units can be split in two, enabling easy installation through a standard sized man-hole.

Lowest running costs with MB4 and MB5 modulating down to a minimum 10%

Only Bonaire MB4 and MB5 units modulate down to a minimum of 10% capacity which makes Bonaire heating the cheapest system to run.

Ability to add-on Fresh Air Ventilation system, improving air quality and cooling effect

Refresh all the air within your home up to five times every hour as the add-on system circulates and filters the air. Improve air quality, reduce condensation and eliminate stale air and musty smells. Also provides a cooling-effect in summer.

Summer fan functionality standard on all units

All Bonaire units have a summer fan function with a variety of thermostat options. This enables your ducted central heating unit to circulate air throughout your home using the powerful fan of the heating system without heating the air. The moving air creates a cooling effect in the summer and unlike other systems the windows and doors do not have to be shut to achieve maximum results.

Fan speed can be adjusted to the desired comfort level from the thermostat controller. Supplying moving air to all rooms in the home allows air changes also in unused rooms which reduces musty smells, condensation and makes the home healthier to live in.

This means you have year round use of one appliance that is felt in every room of the home. It suits the kiwi lifestyle so well, heating the home fast in winter and providing a cooling effect in summer.

State of the art technology with Bonaire Navigator controllers

Bonaire’s Navigator controllers offer leading edge thermostat technology with the choice of hard wired control, or gas ducted central heating’s only remote control. The controller is fully programmable which gives you complete control over your home’s comfort every day without having to lift a finger.

The Bonaire MB4 and MB5 units can operate with up to 4 Navigator Controllers – meaning you can have different temperature settings.

You have the option of heating up to 8 separate zones, keeping all individual members of the family comfortable, or just heat the zones you need. Alternatively, you can use just one controller to heat your whole home to a uniform temperature. You can heat as little as 10%* of your entire home.

Bonaire MB3 units come with a slim-line digital thermostat as standard, with the option to upgrade to a wall mounted or wireless Navigator controller.
*Subject to zoning and duct requirements.

Dedicated Bonres® Central Heating sizing system to ensure the unit is correctly sized to your home and conditions

To ensure that the correct unit is installed in your home, we utilise Bonaire’s unique Bonres® computerised unit selection system which takes into account such things as wall construction, insulation, glass area, room sizes and the climatic conditions of the area in which you live, to select and design the right Bonaire system for you and your family.

Installed and serviced by a specialist

For added peace of mind, we recommend you choose one of our authorised Bonaire specialists, who we have trained to ensure your Bonaire heater is installed and serviced to the highest standards. Our warranty is supported by service agents appointed by Heating and Cooling NZ.