Bonaire MB5

Ducted Gas Heater


The advanced technology of gas valve modulation is able to match the load requirements of your home reducing its heating capacity as low as 10%*. This not only reduces gas consumption but also reduces electricity usage of the fan motor.

The MB5 series also offers the choice of Navigator Wall Mounted Controller or Navigator Radio Frequency (RF) Remote Controller. You can also operate your MB5 heater with the optional Bonaire My Climate® Wi-Fi® control.

Bonaire MB5
Bonaire MB4 Series 4 Star Rated Gas HeatersMB4-14MB4-20MB4-20XAMB4-25MB4-30MB4-30XA
CapacityInternal onlyInternal only
Heat output kW/Hr (nominal)142020253030
Airflow @100pa4805408308308301050
Star Rating4.
Typical number of 150mm outlets5 to 97 to 117 to 148 to 1410 to 1510 to 20
Length (mm)845845895895895895
Width (mm)350350475475475475
Height (mm)620620670670670670
Weight (kg465059616262
Duct Connections supply and return300300350350350350