Fresh Air Ventilation

A cleaner, healthier home …….

The Fresh Air Ventilation system is designed to be attached to your new or existing Bonaire heating system. Once attached the Fresh Air Ventilation system draws fresh air from outside on the cooler side of your home, filters it and adds it to the air being circulated around your home. This allows fresh, filtered air to be introduced to the home (this equates to 30% of the total system air). The system is controlled using a single wall mounted switch to turn the Fresh Air Ventilation damper on or off, and the standard Bonaire touchpad control to adjust fan speed.

The system requires very little maintenance. When you complete the annual service on your Bonaire Central Heating furnace the disposable filter can be replaced and the midge filter can be easily cleaned.

The benefits of the Fresh Air Ventilation System include

  • Introduce clean, fresh air into your home whilst maintaining security and peace of mind at night or when out of the house
  • Reduce indoor temperature in the summer by taking cool air from under the soffits of your home
  • Filter outside air through a filter (which is 85% effective to 5 microns), and recirculated air through a filter to improve indoor air quality by significantly reducing or eliminating pollens, particles and mould spores entering the home
  • The addition of fresh clean air creates positive air pressure which is able to push stale air out, helping to eliminate dampness, condensation, mould and fungi growth, stale air and musty smells*

How does the Fresh Air Ventilation compare to HRV or DVS?

The Bonaire Gas Ducted Heating & add-on Fresh Air Ventilation System will:
  • Reduce condensation
  • Circulate and filter air
  • Reduce dust build-up
  • Provide cooling-effect in summer
  • Effectively heat a whole home
  • Maintain heating output in colder weather

And what’s more

You can enjoy quiet air distribution from many ducts

Unlike some separate ventilation systems, warm air is supplied by a furnace. You should not be drawing warm air from your loft in winter in the evening as decent ceiling insulation should have kept this heat in your rooms, not your loft.

* Not to be used in conjunction with the heat mode.